Posted on August 7, 2007
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34 responses to “ATP Quiz: Echoes of Ayub Khan Linger in Pakistan”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    Amongst the many many tragedies of Pakistan is that we have converted not only our politics but our history into a string of slogans. What goes for analysis is mere slogans and naara baazi.

    Worth repeating.

    And we have now added a new tradition of politically correct chest thumping with ample dumpings on Pakistan to burnish our own credentials.

  2. Daniyal Nagi says:

    I have recently gone through the news books out on FM Ayub Khan icluding his diaries.There are 2 concluions.
    1.He was the one who started this mess by over running democracy and starting the tradition of dictatorship.
    2.If you compare him with our current leaders I find him more sincere and will place him much higher then them.
    General Mushraf is the worst of them all,who led his own country to destruction in every way and looted everything with Mr.Shaukat Aziz(I think he should be publically tried for treason damn corrupy banker)

  3. Hur irfan nizamani says:

    Present situation leads 2 marshal law.

  4. jalal says:

    I think leaving aside any prejudices of being a dictator ( as only the politicians label him for their own self gains), Ayub’s era was really an era of real development – rather he set the course of development in Pakistan for years to come. All major /mega projects were undertaken by him and setting of textile industry and the steel mills in Pakistan.
    He was a man of vision when he chose to build Islamabad as capital of Pakistan despite severe resistance form all and sundry. Perhaps he is the only leader (after Quaid-e-Azam) who still resides in the hearts of most Pakistanis – his painting behind trucks with “teray janay kay baad teri yaad ayee” vindicates it.