Posted on August 11, 2007
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160 responses to “August 11: Jinnah’s Vision for Pakistan”

  1. Greywolf says:

    Green sufi,

    I read your little piece and it makes no sense whatsoever. It is better that people like you stick to religion and stop lying about Jinnah and Aligarh movement etc.

  2. Leander Pace says:

    Jinnah’s vision seemed to have failed..
    1. The state would be completely impartial to religion of the individual – Pakistan is a Islamic state. Less than 10% of population is non Muslim.
    2. The state where every citizen would be equal and there would be no distinction between citizen on the basis of faith or caste or creed – Again incorrect, Muslim is the only faith in Pakistan.

    Unless Pakistan reverts back to Jinnah’s vision of secularism, it cant progress and have a Global vision. Lets hope the new democratic government does something about this.

  3. GreenSufi says:

    bhai, yes we must protect our minorities, but how is that “a vision for pakistan”? A country which protects its minorities? Is that our only Vision.
    And how about Allama Iqbal’s Vision of Pakistan?

    And the millions who sacrificed their lives, saying Pakistan ka matllab kya La ilaha illallah?

    Please don’t sacrifice Allama Iqbal at the alter of Faiz sahib.

  4. Islam’s message IS to treat the minorities well, and Quaid e Azam’s message is no different.

    There is no secular motive behind his clarifications or insistence, but remember the riots at the time. This is not the Quaid’s VISION for Pakistan, but rather his vision for treating the minorities.

    As to his real vision of Pakistan, please see my post, “Pakistan ka matlab kya”, on my blog.