Posted on August 16, 2007
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30 responses to “We Need More Outrage Against Vani in Pakistan”

  1. Hafeez Malik says:

    HRCP Report.

    Case Two:

    On June 6, Mr. Sarmad, a journalist of Sindh TV was seriously injured after he had issued reports on the illegal

  2. this custom of settling disputes .. called swara in NWFP and vanni in punjab/? upper sindh
    Samar Minallah is one of the few ladies i have admired for a while…do look up her work .. a number of good documentaries
    and the video shinwarey lewangeena,
    the folk singers zarsanga and daud hanif are legends in NWFP.

    ps :is this mir bijrani the same person who was the railway minister 15-20 yrs ago.

  3. Arjumand says:

    This practice by a few people brings disgrace to our country and our religion and cruel to women. Adil Najam is right we should all speak out more against this and make sure to disgrace people who do this. PPP should publicly kick out this politician from their party

  4. cynic says:

    it is pure and simple be-ghairati. our pseudo-machismo tramples on the noble tradition of chivalry. most of the ills in our society stem from the lack or absence of ghairat. Abraham Lincoln once said “to sin by silence when they should speak out makes cowards of men”. I disagree with the standard argument of blaming the government for not doing anything to stop practices like vani and karo-kari. these are evils which stem from social behaviour. behaviours can not be changed by the government but by those who consider it wrong and speak out when they see it happening around them. if they keep quiet they may be the next victims or worse still, the unwilling perpetrators of such a be-ghairat custom.

  5. Amra says:

    Affan, point taken. However, even the education system in Pakistan does not do much to change the way people think. At least until I was there ( I don’t know about now). There are a lot of parhey likhay jahils out there. The core mentality of people needs to be addressed.