Posted on August 31, 2007
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27 responses to “Bulleh Shah & Rumi rally a growing global audience”

  1. Saadia says:

    Raza Rumi or anyone on ATP,
    Could you please write something on SAIN ZAHOOR, God has blessed him really a good voice. In 2006 he received a BBC World Music Award. According to Ivan Chrysler from BBC, “Fans of the Sufiana kalams claim that seeing and hearing Sain Zahoor in full flow is the closest anyone alive will get to being in the presence of the the Sufi mystics of yore, like Bulle Shah and Shah Hussain. It’s a musical spell that is well nigh universally effective.”

    Now don’t you think we need to read something about him on ATP? Otherwise please listen his song on youtube “Allah Hoo”

  2. GreenSufi says:

    There is corruption in all religious institutions, including Sufism. Some posts have very accurately identified some of the factors: feudalism, automatic ‘keep it in the family’ gaddi- nashini etc. There are others: sloppy-thinking barelvi tendencies, the rise of Salafism, the confusion of aqeedah with aqeedat, etc.

    As Data Sahib RA said 1000 years ago, once Sufism was a reality without a name, but now it is a name without a reality.
    And “the problem of our times [c. 10th ce AD] is that we cannot find any true Aalim ba Amal” !
    -kashful Mahjub.

    Of course Allama Iqbal, Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali in his mussaddas , Dr. Naseer Ahmed Nasir, etc. have highlighted far better than me the problems with Sufism today, and the need for Reform of this once-great Islamic institution. And genuine Sufis like Dr. Pir M Hasan, Hazrat Wahid Baksh Rabbani & Hazrat Qudratullah Shahab have to a large extent accomplished the task of reform.

    Therefore, all is not lost. Genuine Islamic Sufism, which can free us from false religion, has been preserved in the early sufi classics like Kashful Mahjub & the Awarif ul Mu’arif.
    As many have said, we should not put too much trust in our traditional or modern institutions/movements, it is really up to individuals now. This is cause for optimism as well as disappointment.

    And, there are still some great genuine Sufis, as well as a few true Ulema. They remain hidden for the most part, avoiding the glare of the media, shunning turbans and ostentatious cloaks or titles outside their humble doors, or acolytes swarming around them. But they are there nevertheless.