Posted on September 17, 2007
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32 responses to “Zeb-un-Nissa”

  1. Kanwal Chopra says:

    Just finished reading ‘Captive Princess’ and was instantly floored ! Strangely, Zebunnissa’s fate keeps hitting you back again and again. You keep wondering how come a life so regal, enlightened and majestic can be left to wither away so callously at the hands of some one who would be expected to afford best protection for it!

    Indeed, we all need to remain in perpetual awe for Almighty’s designs for us and never let our individual egos get the better of us. Whenever veering around, just think about Zeb’s life and get back to the right path. Perhaps then only her wandering soul might get some peace!

    Salimgurh’s visit near Red Fort is next in the diary but don’t know when can I visit her Chouburgi’s remnants. I have turned her fan now and pray that her soul rest in peace for ever!

  2. AMJAD Iqbal says:

    THe tomb of the princess Zeb un Nissa is there near Saman Abad Chowk,Lahore, along the main road, a desolated and deserted place. There is a controversy as for the built of the Chahar Burj Garden by Zeb un NIssa or someone else; but i am of the view that the garden was built by Zeb un NIssa definitely.

    Well, the princess is lying peacefully; come to pray for her !