Posted on September 24, 2007
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Owais Mughal

The photo is of a suzuki pick-up transporting freshly manufactured ‘lotay’ in Karachi. When I first saw this photo at Flickr.com, the photographer Fayyaz Ahmed had captioned it ‘Election Preparation 2007’. I thought that was too funny.

Photo Credits: Fayyaz Ahmed

7 responses to “Lotay

  1. Daktar says:

    Laughing loud here. Great picture. Very apt given current events.

  2. MB says:

    yup, i posted this too
    http://publicmb.wordpress.com/2007/09/20/pakistan- elections-2007/

    I like what he said. Perfectly fits current situation.

  3. Indscribe says:

    These lota-makers must do something to improve the quality and the base should be heavier. When empty the lotas get unbalanced and fall down.

    And Dhelas! In India you don’t find lotas in public toilets but in any office one can guess the number of Muslim employees or Muslim visitors just by seeing the dhelas kept on the walls separating the urinals.

    loTaa ho ya Dhelaa, maqsad tahaarat hai
    sher kahne meN hamko mahaarat hai

  4. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Lota politics is one of the shameful colonial heritage of the sub-continent, it has very very deep impact on all nation’s national charactors and behavior towards their responsibilities from Nepal to Srilanka, or Afganistan to (todays’s) Bangladesh.

    Lota might seems very publically hilarious, a funny political taunt, laughable phenomenon having different facets, belonging exclusively to a modern time Arabo- muslim
    socio-political attitude not very far away from
    “Thali kay baingons” (urdu version).

    Lotay dates back to Banu Ummayyad’s dictatorial political scenario, we might as well know that among several usages of a lota was, and is still, for ablution (wazzou) but also for washing after Ijjabat.

    Alas !! Lotas in its present form brought nothing but
    a disaster to our political lives in every country where muslims are living as majority.

  5. pa(kiss)tani says:

    jaib main unkay jitnay bhi sikkay hain sub khotay hain
    assemblion main jitnay bhi members hain sub lotay hain
    paanch baras guzaar ke awaam akser kheti hai
    kaat.tay hamee hain bas, maslay tou wohee botay hain.


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