Posted on September 29, 2007
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34 responses to ““Non-Maintainable”: What did the Pakistan Supreme Court mean?”


    you guys are the bomb

  2. Areeba Azeem says:

    I think it was high time the Army itself took action against Musharaf. If not, then they should expect more disdain from the masses.

  3. Viqar Minai says:

    I don’t know if any other apex court anywhere in the world has ever rendered such an asinine judgement.

    Imagine that lots of voters may be voting for a candidate who is – it might turn out – not eligible to contest the Presidential elections in the first place. Don’t the voters deserve to know ahead of polling if certain candidates are ineligible so they could choose to vote for someone else?

    Is it a congenital condition that prevents us from taking the obvious correct decisions? Must we always insist on grabbing the nose around the ears instead of directly reaching for it?

    Would the heavens have collapsed if the SC stayed the election until it could be determined who is eligible and who is not?

    How long Oh Lord? Oh well …

  4. Daktar says:

    So, what is the Supreme Cour saying now and what does it mean? They say, hold teh elections but don’t announce the results… is this just preparing for later when they will say, well now the elctions are done so lets just accept them!