Posted on September 30, 2007
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9 responses to “Tension Free in Pakistan?”

  1. The motorcycle use the word No TENSION in red color, to clearly present that i have no tension, all tension is to whom who is going in back of the motorcycle, the follower does not know when the motorcycle took the break, and crete tension.

  2. Brenda says:

    hehehe…that is cute! We have panglish and now we have urdulish & punjablish too! So, I take it that my attempts at urdu would be called Engdu? Can’t get caught up in symantecs. The more the world can communicate the better off we will all be. It’s all good.

    Sharuk, I second your motion. “Leave Musharraf alone!” =)

  3. Sharuk says:

    Have you guys watched this video “Leave Britney Alone!” from Chris da Man on youtube.
    I think somebody should make video label as “Leave Musharraf Alone!” or you guys are too tense to cheer up.

  4. Owais Mughal says:

    The guy is indeed tension free as he doesn’t have lamp cover on his back light. In the days when I used to ride motorcycle, we had to keep light lamps in order otherwise it would give another excuse to Police on ever ‘naaka’ in the city to extort money.