Posted on October 1, 2007
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60 responses to “Democracy versus Government by an Elite”

  1. FACTS ON THE GROUND IN PAKISTAN.Reference to the Islamic history and Pakistan

  2. Adnan Aslam says:

    Please read the articles, “Is Democracy Alien to Islam?” and ” A Critique of Democracy,” on my blog.

  3. Fahad says:

    Democracy and the status of voting in Democracy from the Islamic perspective

    Clarifying some of the erroneous views being spread, that legitimises voting in Democracy:

    If you do not allow this comment to be posted like you haven’t allowed my other comments, at least let everyone know why this comment is inappropriate.

  4. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Deewana Aik ji

    The third world (including more than half of muslim
    countries) is unable to see Islam’s authenticity, down to earth attitude and solutions, for the following reasons:

    Their illetracy rate very high. Soaring joblessness.

    The infos about Islam and its universal spirit have
    not reached, who to blame ?? we all know !!

    The poverty and subsequent priorities, which are e.g
    quick solutions like Tourism, showbusiness, weak
    and unrelyable small industries already victim of
    globalisation, and dislocation, high prices, monopoly
    of G8 etc. The 3rd world is condemned to stay as it is.

    The “religion ” in these parts of the world(non-muslims)
    means nothing but unauthenticity of belief offered
    to them, based on incomparison between clergy and layman, resulting in “fed up with all ” reactions. Astonishingly, yet Islam is the only fastest growing
    religion in the world.
    On the other hand muslims are unable to convince
    others about Islam, which does not simply depend or
    rely on them.
    So the dilema is, that muslim’s role seems to be evacuated
    from the whole debate. Quran is so powerful, even we
    muslims hav’nt got the slightest idea.

    Now, about MMA’s parties, majority of them are
    playing exactly the same role as played during
    Ummayad’s dictatorship, I call them “cloned” doleys
    either Ullemahs or likewise, the whole continuity is
    repeated every century in the name of corrupt
    intrepretations exploited to let down the layman.

    Few Ullemahs exist in Pakistan, but you can count them
    on your fingers.

    The problem is people like you, me , others, thems do’nt
    look into the anals of the history and learn from the
    disastrous, fatal, selfish and corrupt attitude.
    I will be giving you a shock, telling you that I have read
    in the Ummayad’s history , an Arab learned alim
    beaten up in the street, because he was married to a
    persian lady, then he was forced to divorce her,
    because she was not arab.

    No way, if they are Ulemas so they know the best ,

  5. M.Kamran Khan Ghouri says:

    Asalam Alaikum

    We deserver democracy but what kind of?

    Do you see any political or religious political party in which you see party democracy? Why not have a look at the most popular political party in Pakistan.

    Pakistan’s 50 years of politics is divided in 25yrs by Army Generals in the form of Martial Law and 25yrs by Civil Governments on the name of Democracy. We left Martial Law Administration as most of people believe it is not democratic or etc. But the 25yrs Civil Governments what they gave on the name of democracy. Unlawness, Nationalism (Quam Parasti), Ignorance or unequal rights to all four provinces and peoples their especially small provinces like Sindh, Balochistan, and NWFP. Now a days Pakistan’s population is 16coror and the tern over of total voters in four provinces after 50yrs is 5crores. The majority of Pakistani is not with any political party or can