Coexistence in Quetta, Pakistan

Posted on October 3, 2007
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Owais Mughal

I found this photo at It immediately made me compare the peaceful animal coexistence with our own political situation. This photo is from Quetta, Pakistan and photo credits are below.

Photo Credits:Muhammad Younas

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11 responses to “Coexistence in Quetta, Pakistan”

  1. fahad baloch says:

    Soooo Beauty Full …………………….. i really love it

  2. Thanks for making me smile Owais bhai, I only wish Musharraf could take cue from it too and let Pakistan be, coexistence and reconciliation is vital for Pakistan not the despair and division Mush seeks to spread.

    I again appeal to him via mty open letter here to pull back, to go with grace for Pakistan’s sake.



  3. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    if haivan mutlaq can live together why can’nt

    the haivan natiqs live together or atleast tolerate each other ?

    perhaps we should learn here something.

  4. Tina says:

    well, of course she doesn’t want him, he’s too tough….

    she’s waiting for the canary to come along. Now that pic will be different and what analogies would we draw with Pakistan then?

    Not really nitpicking…it’s a cute pic, many thanks. And sometimes it’s good to take pause and remember that there are more things in Quetta.

  5. ALAM says:

    Show me the pic of cat and mouse in peace :)

    Did u ever think, it would be hard for cat to swallow that new friend of hers?

    @Ejaz Asi

    “However cynical I may sound, but we humans have worst communication problems among all animals”

    Well, to begin with, we humans can communicate much better than Animals, and thats the reason for quarrels. Did u ever realize long-distance relationships have fewer quarrels, compared with ur live-in wife or gf? Why? because u can disconnet the call any time u want.

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