Posted on November 15, 2007
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245 responses to “Imran Khan Mistreated and Arrested”

  1. abdul malik says:

    Pakistani youth educated or uneducated lost their faith in THEMSELVES and lost their faith in ALLAH. Their minds are washed by brainless Gondas and evilminded mullahs who forgot HUMANITY. HUMANITY is the best religion in the world. Pay respect to each and every living creature including Humanbeing. This IJP students are innocent and misguided by_______. They need proper guideness from learned scholars. This students are the PILLAR of future Pakistan. May ALLAH shower HIS best Blessing on IJP students.

  2. Watan Aziz says:

    We strongly believe that inspite of political differences, no person deserves physical bashing and humiliation as was met out to Imran. Political differences should never be taken to such extreme where people use force to get their point across. It is wrong. Shame on those who manhandled him.


    Our politics suffer when passions overcome reason and vitriol becomes virtue.

    double ditto

    But what was coverage at ATP for CJP when he was slapped around like a common criminal in the eye sight of the lineup of the establishment?

    And his wife was manhandled by a policeman?

    And where were these “signatories” so earnest in their resolve when a mere crowd (and that should be condemned as well) shows up?

  3. Ammar says:

    AOA! Dis indeed was a very disgraceful moment for the whole nation. Over the years IJT has built up a reputation of being the most effective voice of students across the country & while the activities carried by Jamiat are quite appreciable;dis particular incident did disappoint everybody!

  4. imran bazmi says:

    it was a very disgraceful moment for whole the nation,
    we should not do things like that.
    we always aware of our opponents.

  5. hanan says:

    um hey !!!
    imran khan ure lukin so cute and i loved reading ur articles!!!!!!