Posted on November 29, 2007
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14 responses to “The Cyber Rebirth of Pak Tea House”

  1. Yousaf Hassan says:

    Hello to all Readers!
    I am sure none of you have ever thought where is the TEAM of PAK TEA HOUSE the 1st owner and his family? I don’t think anything is mentioned about the family owner of the PAK TEA HOUSE. I know them very well do you know why because i am one of them. I am Mr. Zahid Hassan’s son who is a current owner of this place IF ANY OF YOU LIKE TO KNOW WHY PTH HAD BEEN CLOSED DOWN? FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME
    What ever have been said and advertised about my family on our MEDIA was WRONG. NEED More to know?
    You are more then welcome if wants to know more about our PTH.

  2. Muse says:

    I for one am excited about PTH, after learning about its historical significance not long ago. And with a great line-up of contributors, there’s no reason why it can’t live up to its name!

  3. temporal says:

    beynaam and others – thanks

    hassan you asked if PTH could be cyber-revived?

    PTH was accessible to Lahorites of a certain era and had one factor that contributed to its fame – people! the writers, poets, artists that gathered there.

    the success of cyber PTH will depend on us – the people – if they come there – to shoot the breeze, indulge in discourses, write, comment then it has the potential to become a vibrant address like the original PTH was on the mall

  4. Naseer says:

    Rumi- what a cyboromantic thought.
    Kudos to you and other contributors.
    I will put in my share