Posted on December 4, 2007
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78 responses to “Sialkot International Airport Takes Off”

  1. Stock apk says:

    Sialkot is a beautifull it is my dad bearth place City Amazing historical info about sialkot thanks you so much

  2. to intelligent comment above: “our enemy country india” = just says it all = it says, the more you hate the more hate you shall get.

  3. Satyaki says:

    Wonder why you say India is your enemy. The governments & armies mights like diverting attention from issues by raising the pitch, but as between the people, we were one country once and even today remain brothers.
    when an Indian goes to Pakistan to visit, you treat him with love and affection reserved only for one’s own. Every travellor to Pakistan comes back with stories on how everwhere he went he was treated like royalty when his nationality was known.
    Then why do we have to write write such a things on the internet promoting distrust and hate? We should learn from the European Union – how much progress can be made if we join hands