Posted on December 10, 2007
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18 responses to “Champions Trophy Hockey: Pakistan finishes 7th”

  1. This is very Good Site
    We can know every thing About Hockey
    But this time PAkistan did not show good result

  2. thinker says:

    A propos, Squash is another game on the decline, rather it is almost buried, but again it was a one-man-show throughout. Personal excellence overshadowed the poor infrastructure. Commercialisation or no commercialisation, Pakistani people don’t like GOING in for a sport on the whole. Watching is the better alternative for many!

  3. Wasif Kazmi says:

    This is the 2nd time Pakistan has been in 7th position in Champions’ Trophy. In 1987 we were 7th though in 1988 we came back to 2nd position.

    2000 has been the worst year when Pakistan did not qualify at all to play in Champions Trophy.

    It is my observation that historically, Pakistan team has done better while playing in sub-continent. Weather, culture and distractions (for our team) could be one reason for poor performance of the team (including the team management). May be they are not properly acclimatized to the travel situations.
    1978 Lahore Winner
    1980 Lahore Winner
    1981 Karachi 4th Place
    1982 Amstelveen 4th Place
    1983 Karachi 2nd Place
    1984 Karachi 2nd Place
    1985 Perth 4th Place
    1986 Karachi 3rd Place
    1987 Amstelveen 7th Place
    1988 Lahore 2nd Place
    1989 Berlin 4th Place
    1990 Melbourne 4th Place
    1991 Berlin 2nd Place
    1992 Karachi 3rd Place
    1993 Kuala Lumpur 4th Place
    1994 Lahore Winner
    1995 Berlin 3rd Place
    1996 Madras 2nd Place
    1997 Adelaide 5th Place
    1998 Lahore 2nd Place
    1999 Brisbane 6th Place
    2000 Amstelveen Did not play
    2001 Rotterdam 4th Place
    2002 Cologne 3rd
    2003 Amstelveen 3rd
    2004 Lahore 3rd
    2005 Chennai 5th
    2006 Terasa 5th
    2007 Kaula Lumpur 7th

    On the lighter side, 1987 was the first year Women’s Champions Trpophy started, and may be the team was more interested in watching the new teams instead of focussing on their own game. It is a cultural trait :)

    Lately, Pakistan managed to get on the victory stands in 2004 in Lahore (possibly home ground advantage). The team has been struggling to come close to it since then.

    Lack of sponsorships, promotions, exposure are all valid reason why we have not established and maintained ‘superemacy’ in this game, even though it is our national game.