Posted on December 10, 2007
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40 responses to “World Human Rights Day (Decemebr 10): Indignity and Injustice in Pakistan”

  1. I. Q. Butt says:

    ATTA though sounds like TADA, anti-terrorism act, has nothing to do with terrorism or law. Though it is not an anti-terrorism act yet it has same terrorising affects for ordinary citizens of Pakistan.
    It is one of the great marketing and economic skills of General (Retired) Musharraf’s regime that soon ATTA will be one of the luxury items in Pakistan. Few years back ATTA was consider one of the cheapest commodities in Pakistan. Now a days if you ask the same question the answer would be the constitution of Pakistan, the cheapest commodity in Pakistan. And if you are a COAS do whatever you want with it nobody cares about. It has become the most worthless piece of document in Pakistan.
    If ATTA had any thing to do with supreme court, lawyers, Constitution or media we would have seen Musharraf regime working over time to arrest its ascendancy by using all its might.

  2. Rafay Kashmiri says:


    @ what a contradiction between Human Right’s blog
    and Hoodbhoy’s blog which is just the opposite.

    This is called Hypocracy of colonials.

  3. Nayab Khan says:

    I am so furious to learn that Musharraf is removing the ban on third term for PM.
    Thants it!, he has lost my support from now.

  4. MQ says:

    One of the biggest irony of current Administration in Islamabad is that it even has a Human Rights division and the caretaker minister of the division is Ansar Burney, known for his work on prisoners’ rights.

    On the World Human Rights Day he spent time visiting jails. But it never occurred to him to question why the sacked judges are under continued house arrest along with their families. And why are the most prominent lawyers of Pakistan are still in jails or under house arrests?

  5. Daktar says:

    Hey, The News just carried a version of this post, and with attribution. See here: 27