Posted on December 28, 2007
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65 responses to “Benazir Bhutto’s Assassination: An International Outpouring of Shock”

  1. Cassim says:

    Awesome post, definitely bookmarking this cool blog post. Thanx for using your knowledge to write and share content like this article. Cya

  2. Hermoon Gill says:

    The only difference I can think of,if she were alive today is,she would have strengthened the federation and maybe Pakistan’s image abroad may have been better than it is today.
    Other than that she hardly made a difference to an ordinary Pakistani’s life.

  3. Kruman says:

    Benazir was a source of strength for the federation. She was a courageous and a brave lady who was not afraid to stand up to tyrants. I have never been a PPP supporter, but today I stand by her party in grieving her loss.

    Charo’n soobo’n ki zanjeer
    Benazir Benazir

    Ya Allah, Ya Rasool (SW)
    Benzir bay qasoor

  4. Maqbool Zaman says:

    Regardless of our political views & difference of opinions, as a Muslim & Pakistani I extend my condolences on the death of BB and feel sure that any sensible individual would feel sad on such a senseless killing of anyone while BB has gained a level of popularity among those who appreciated the sentimental spirit that were instilled in the majority of Pakistani people’s minds as she is the savior which now extends to a belief by many that no one else can steer Pakistan unless it is BB.
    She is now with her creator in the court of most supreme Allah the Almighty therefore I cease to comment any further on how I saw her in the political arena of Pakistan.
    Like said in other comments Pakistanis need to embrace education and not merely to adopt a profession but to opt for civility since, rights & privileges are the share of those who practice civic mannerism & discipline. It is a matter of close observation that the methods used in Pakistan specially in politics are based on the “might is right” attitudes & practices. Even in the instances of traffic accidents the one who gets out of their vehicle and slaps & curses the other driver comes out a winner, let me hear if it is not so?
    The current generation of Pakistan needs to seriously & sincerely think and act NOW that they need to bring up leadership from amongst themselves and not become habitually dependent on ancestral dynasty systems of leadership.
    Its high time that we introduce new blood in the system of govt. & discourage the old methods which were based on “not what you know, but, whom do you know.”
    When a nation is appropriately educated and practices civics and are able to agree to disagreements of others, as opposed to the prevailing practice to eliminate those who do not agree with our point of view.
    As a nation of Muslims we should have greater regard for other’s property & life and should refrain from the type of destruction that is experienced after the demise of BB.
    The killing of one human is like the killing of entire humanity.
    May Allah SWT protect our homeland and fellow citizens, ameen.

  5. Junaid says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that she was murdered by Musharraf. However he may not have anticipated that the reaction to her killing would be this strong and will almost unite the people of Pakistan.

    Its quite ironic that he is forced to call it a national tragedy and call her a national leader when 6 months ago she wasn’t seen as fit to be part of Pakistani politics.