Posted on January 1, 2008
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59 responses to “Pakistan in 2008: My Wish List”

  1. Dawood says:

    This is a wonderful vision of Pakistan.

    Your prayers for Pakistan and your wish list is every Pakisatani’s wish list.

    Aameen. And Thank you.

  2. Javeria says:

    zakoota ne bilkol sahi bola main zakoota ke saath hon wese Pakistan ke liye meri wish list hai ke mulla ka mon bandh kar waye aur sakoon se baet jaye.

  3. Faline says:

    Very nice Wish List Adil. I am sure all countries can agree with this. I am new to this site and I live in Alabama USA. I am American and my good husband is from Lahore, so I take a vested interest in both sides. Thank you for the opportunity to add my thoughts. I have looked over the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan. It reads well but but you ask for its restoration to the original content. I gather it has been changed and amended?
    Here is the link below. My best to all. God bless.  /The%20Constitution%20of%20Pakistan.htm