Posted on January 2, 2008
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54 responses to “Benazir Bhutto: Remembering the Dream”

  1. JMA says:

    Although it was tragic and sad how she died but believe me it was no loss to Pakistan….this family will never be good for Pakistan as she has proved twice….

  2. Sabyasachi Majumdar says:


    (His politics must be guided by the fine egalitarian principles that Mahomed Ali Jinnah gave to Pakistan, for which his grandfather and his mother toiled through out their lives.)

    This comment was uncalled for. The Bhuttos were, apart from their superficial westernisation, everything that MAJ (pbuh) was not.

    MAJ was a genuine enlightened liberal while the Bhuttos remained at heart unreformed feudals.

    Bhuttos were crooks of the first order, while even MAJ’s worst opponents never dared question his personal integrity.

    MAJ remained committed to secularism and opposed to religious fanaticism even after convincing himself of Muslims separateness while Bhuttos actively fanned fundooism. ZAB declared Ahmedis non-Muslims, abolished daru and made Friday sabbath to propitiate fundoos while BB herself presided over the creation of the Taliban.

    MAJ was a true democrat while Bhuttos ruthlessly used genocide as means of governance- Disregardance of 1970 election results, NWFP/B’stan in 1970s, Karachi in 1990s.


  3. programmingDrone says:

    The Bhutto dynasty photograph does not include the family of Murtaza Bhutto. Technically speaking, Murtaza Bhutto’s son, Zulfiqar Butto II is the real scion of the Bhutto family.

    The children of Benazir are not really Bhuttos and should be considered Zardaris.

    Apparently Benazir did have a “Last Will” which was publicly read. Following is a link to a BBC article that describes her last will

  4. meengla says:

    Much has been said of the corruption and incompetence of BB’s two stints at the PM of Pakistan. I am quoting an excerpt from Dawn’s Cowasjee (a confirmed anti-Bhutto but a man of conscience) to highlight the fact that much of what BB faced since 1977 remains unknown and that had she had a free hand in running the country (instead of being hounded by the most powerful forces in Pakistan) results would have been different. (from Dawn Jan. 6, 2008)
    Here is the excerpt:

    The cell was subsequently made much use of by President Ghulam Ishaq Khan in cahoots with his army chief, General Mirza Aslam Beg, to form a political alliance, using public money and funds provided by Yunus Habib of Mehran Bank, to rig the 1990 elections, bring in the Ziaul Haq-groomed Nawaz Sharif as prime minister and stop the dismissed Benazir Bhutto from coming in again. It was a successful operation, as the concerned luminaries and we all know. The details of the ISI shenanigans have been written of in the press time and time again, and pleas have been made that the cell should be disbanded so that the military has no involvement at all in the political process of this country