Posted on January 9, 2008
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19 responses to “Coconut Seller”

  1. I need Coconut for Iran . Please send me inf. about your product specifications and your price list.

  2. Actually we can blame our society and government also becuase we have no educational system in pakistan for the poor people.

    Secondly the parents who should have to think about their children and dont let them to work during their early stage, they don’t think the long term benefit that may be this child after completing education can serve his/her family as well as society in more professional way. They only think about the short term benefit for few rupees and paisas, where that child lost his/her talent as well as good and happy life.

  3. Pervaiz Munir Alvi says:

    Some of the readers here have chosen to scold me personally for various reasons. I will not get into mud wrestling with them and response in the same wane but will like to bring all of us back to the main point and intent of this post. We all know that half of our people can not read and write. We also know that our governments, provincial and national, are not doing enough to educate the masses. So question is: are we individually or collectively going to step up to the plate and do our part or are we are going to continue to complain about the situation like we do all the time. How many more six years old should be denied the basic right to education. How many more twelve years old should be relegated to selling coconut at the gas stations. How many more eighteen years old should become suicide bombers. In year 2007 there were fifty cases of suicide bombing in Pakistan. How many cases of suicide bombing are enough in year 2008.

  4. Dr. Haider says:

    I can not believe that on this blog there are such arrogant people like you who could ask such a question to a young 12 year old boy. Not only you asked the question to this kid but you were so arrogant that you did not even realize for what you have done and kept on taking his photo and writing a blog about it. I fell like you were even enjoying his misery. Shame on you….You have sickened me and probably most of the readers who read this post.