Posted on January 19, 2008
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15 responses to “10 Moharram – Ashura”

  1. dr razahaider says:

    Karbala, an insignia of struggle against injustice, tyranny and oppression…………………………..

    “It’s the story of upraising and insurgency against the evil and the falsehood.

    It is the sprit of belief and lust for sacrifice to ensure the seal as truth that, what lord decides his messengers fulfill and justify their designation for being in bondage as love.

    It’s the approval to award life and living in the name of desire of the lord, so to meet the one and only lord of nature and life.

    It’s the willingness as similar concept to accept and offer sacrifice so to please the lord even if it’s the dream of the prophet Ibrahim (a.s).

    It’s the day of application to authenticate and justify the human granting of superiority over other being as creation, as granted by the granter.

    It’s the legitimate insurance to the fact that Islam would continue to excel and breed till the Day of Judgment.

    It’s the demarcation between truth and false and among followers and extortionist.

    It’s the division to delineate fundamental principle of Islam from intruding falsifications.

    It’s the concept to upraise against tyranny, oppression and injustice.

    It’s the theme to defeat power with believe in faith.

    It’s the lesson to recite, follow and carryout under aggression of wrongdoers.

    Let this be the judgment day between believers of Muhammad (PBUH&A) and Abusuffian.

    Let this day be the day of rebirth of Islam and its teaching.

    So you think (Yazeed malaoon) that it’s (Islam) your personnel property to mould, melt or mud its real teaching with your obnoxious and cruel falsified and disgusting activities.

    Here I(Hussein a.s) come to teach you and your ancestors and of course your coming generation as siblings, a lesson that would crucify all your bearing and perverted practices with ultimate malign ,and disgusted slogan of condemnation, till the day of final judgment.

    Now hold and check out the real realm of Islamic teaching and principle of law as dictated by my ancestors and grand parent (PBUH&A).

    Prepare your self (Yazeed malaoon) so to become unrest and anxious from now and onward as I (Hussein a.s) may very soon entangle the cord of Islam with in core of your unashamed throat.

    Prepare your self (Yazeed) to the extreme of inhumanity and blatant shameful activities that shall make you (Yazeed) an idol satanic preface among and within the universe.

    O my people I understand that you want me to be with you(People) as your (People) master against all evils(Yazeed) and intents(Practices) created by the offender (yazeed malaoon Ibne maavia).

    Do not worry I am (Hussein a.s) still there to hold the fort of faith and belief as been delivered to me by my ancestors (PBUH&A).

    Let few more days of tyranny and embezzlement of injustice be there, till my (Hussein a.s) arrival.

    Here comes the day I (Hussein a.s) was honored and uplifted with the birth and grooming of the legitimate theme of prophecy.

    I (Hussein a.s) know your (People) call; it’s the same truth that was intimated to me earlier with the foretelling and preparation, so to enhance the rebirth of the principality of faith and preaching of confiscated theme of Islam and its real practice.

    I (Hussein a.s) know its time to handover the soul so to save the realm of Islam and republish what has been delivered as exemplary practice.

    I (Hussein a.s) know its time to offer my cushions, bearing and peace as children and family so to cushion Islam from further trauma.

    O followers of Islam, I am(Hussein a.s) ready to offer my friends and family and my beloveds so to handover you(People) the gift of same teaching of Islam and its real format as was intended and acknowledged to be delivered by our prophet.

    May god bless all within faith with unity, love and prosperity, Ameen?”

  2. Muharram is, of course, of special significance to Shias. But the events and meaning of Ashura is of significance and relevance to all Muslims, and I would suggest, to all humans everywhere.

  3. Dr. Haider says:

    We are so unfortunate that we are living in a world that is full of Yazeeds but don’t have a single person like Imam Hussain (RA).

  4. Ammar Ali Qureshi says:

    Dear Sidhas,

    The couplet “Shah Ast Hussain” is by Hazrat Mueenuddin Chisti of Ajmer Sharif.

    It is a moving tribute by Hazrat Mueenuddin Chisti in praise of the immortal Imam.