Posted on January 25, 2008
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45 responses to “Late hours in office… Pakistani Corporate Culture?”

  1. leena says:

    hi…..this is so true……’s the same in India……my husband works in private sector in the field of media and his work extends till 9 or 10 or sometimes 11pm…..which makes me furious a lot as we have just got married…..and i am tired of waiting and waiting for husband at home as i am not working presently…….. ..I wonder where the humanity is heading….ultimately we all want happiness, mental peace and family but in corporate sector there is no concept of family life only office office……..poor wives keep on waiting for their husbands all day long, getting the grocery, vegetables, shopping everything all alone…so where is the bliss of togetherness… is more lonely after getting married and doing things all alone……

  2. Muhammad says:

    This is true that in our country there are Managers who seem to be inspired by the foreign countries/ multinational environment, when it comes to ‘late sitting’. Its a pity that while doing this they never realize/ consider the human element and the humanitarian approach, political environment, social environment, law & order situation and other such things which the foreign Managers recognize at the very first place. Another important thing worth mentioning is that these Managers do late sitting only because they want to show their efficiency to the top management – althouigh the same work could have easily been completed if they would have been punctual and started doing their jobs in the prescribed official timing. In other words its just ACT BUSY, DOIN NOTHING attitude. These days a new trend is emerging that the Managers force the female employees to sit in the office till late hours (example 08:30 p.m) which is a violation of laws and also it is very indecent and this is happening not just in private companies but also in reputed Government offices. I feel that the Human Resource professionals and Government of Pakistan intervene and bring an end to such a sick attitude and provide an encouraging and better working environment to the ‘weaker sex’.

  3. Sheraton Karachi says:

    Its good to hear about the job which you and your friends got because whatever you heard about bribery , influence and other unfair means its true but some time people got their job with fair means and that could be say the luck which you people got because job can be get easily but proper field and attractive pay can be the problem.

  4. pakistan says:

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  5. Aamir Ali says:

    I work in the US. Here a full time job means 40-60 hr weeks ,most weeks of the year.