Posted on February 6, 2008
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14 responses to “How to Take Care of Pakistan’s Mentally Ill”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    one psychiatrist for every 10,000 people, one child psychiatrist for four million children who are estimated to be suffering from mental-health issues, only four major psychiatric hospitals in a country of 165 million and only 20 such units attached to teaching hospitals.

    And this is assuming you live in one of the major cities and have resources. For the rest of them, they have not even seen a health assistant in their lives! They would not know how to sit in a dental chair! Asprin, what is that?

    …undermine the ‘credibility’ of the ‘jinn’ factor. …

    Yes, there are jinns in Pakistan. Yes, they demand the three goats. And yes, they demand three goats heads if not the whole goats. Do you know why? I think that criminal and bogus pir was on to something. These jinns live in “I-slammed-everyone-else-abad”, Lahore and Karachi. These jinns have “possessed” the people of Pakistan by stealing the resources and by establishing non equitable distribution of nation’s wealth. They come and take whatever they want, whenever they want. All of it if they want.

    And btw, my lovely and sage wife has long considered me “pagal”. She tells me that I am wasting my time. They no one is interested in fixing anything. Everyone wants loot and “gahsoot”.

    She too may be right.

    Nothing will change. There is apathy.

    But me? I have audacity of hope. I have faith in the goodness of the majority of people of Pakistan. I have confidence in the hard working and honest people who have been sold the wrong bill of goods. Who have been mislead for decades by selling the wrong problem; presenting the wrong solutions.

    If only the educated of Pakistan will come around and fix the mess; we broke it, we need to fix it.

    I have audacity of hope with fierce urgency of now.

  2. Paul McMahon says:

    Hi, I would just like to say well done for highlighting the necessity of mental health in Pakistan, especially among women and girls. As a psychotherapist I have learned how the streses, environmental pressures & expectations of life can take its toll on the mind and body, we are limited after all.I have learned aslo how a safe trustful environment and practical cognitive and behaviour techniques taught not only to the client but to their loved ones can be a source of hope and healing. Ideally we need to make our young people and children aware of their mental health. Paul

  3. Irum Sarfaraz says:

    I hear what you are saying. I would suggest you look into homeopathic medicines as they can prove to be a wonderful alternative not only cost wise but with lesser side effects than the others. With chronic mental illness, the side effects are just as, if not more, dangerous than the illness itself. My father is pyschologist/homeopathic doctor and he terms neurotic medicines nothing but ‘poison’. I have first hand experience with a myriad of mentally ill people.

  4. Fatima M says:

    Dear Irum.

    I’m the editor of a soon to be published magazine. I was surfing the net for research on a mental illness article I needed. What a surprise to find an article that said everything I wanted to say and more! I would love to publish an article similar to this in my medical magazine. The magazine is an initiative for raising the standards of medical education and awareness. If you’re interested then do email me back.

    Take care. Awaiting your reply.