Posted on March 1, 2008
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19 responses to “Cell-phone is ringing! Is there anyone listening?”

  1. Moiz says:

    I came across a similar article at TPS. -for-mobile-phone-cards/
    Although seems to have been composed in a jiffy but author manages to get her point across (although i might not necesserily agree with her POV).

  2. Babar says:

    Ahsan, thanks for pointing out to a pervasive problem about which most of us don’t really talk about.

    All technologies have been mainpulated and the only way around this is education and parental involvement.

  3. shahab says:

    In my opinion, censorship will only add to the allure of the thing you’re trying to ban. The best way is for parents to take the time and make the effort to talk openly with their children about this. The education system also needs to develop some sort of “sex education” curriculum for the schools.


  4. Sceptic says:

    Where there is demand, there is supply.

    It were live shows and nude paintings before the invention of the press, then the printed pornography came on the scene, which in turn were followed by photographic items and films. Electronic transmission by air, through the cable etc expanded the reach of pornography further. Demand for, and therefore supply of, erotica was there since the man evolved and it does not appear diminishing.

    In this age one way to stop the youth from watching pornography will be to blind them all. Otherwise, you will have to not only completely ban mobile phones, but also eliminate the Internet, computers, TVs, press, paintings and whatnot from the face of earth. Take you pick.

    The sensible option will be, by accepting the reality, to regularize the screening and sale of films, including pornographic ones, by making their rating mandatory. It would control adult material, to an extent, into falling in the hands of minors. Sex education in schools can also help in reducing some of the reasons for kids and adolescents accessing pornography. They watch it as much out of curiosity as much for pleasure.

    Raise your hands if you never accessed/viewed a sexually explicit picture before turning 18.