Pakistan Elections 2008: The Judiciary Remains a Defining Issue in Pakistan Politics

Posted on March 9, 2008
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Pakistan Lawyer's Call for a Black Flag WeekAdil Najam

The judiciary issue remains an irritant to the mainstream political forces in Pakistan – including not just the current establishment but the current opposition forces struggling to become part of the new establishment.

The announcement from Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif that they intend to restore the judiciary within 30 days of the formation of the parliament is good news. But given the constitutional shenanigans that we have all become used to it remains unclear (a) whether they will be ‘allowed’ to do so, and (b) if so just what form a ‘restoration’ might take.

Aitzaz Ahsan's call for a Black Flag Week

More importantly, this announcement is a recognition of the political reality that the judiciary issue has become. Thanks, in part, to the tenacity and sagacity of Aitzaz Ahsan – who has not emerged as the key leader not only of the “Justice Movement” but of a larger civil society rising – the issue not only survives, but thrives. It never really was just about the Chief Justice, and is now clearly about much more – especially including the independence of the judiciary as an institution, about the rule of law, and about the sanctity of the constitution.

The call for the Lawyer’s Black Flag Week comes from Aitizaz Ahsan in his capacity as the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, but it is clearly a call that he makes in his stature as a now national leader of a national civil movement. It is a passionate call. A well-worded call. A heart-felt call. A non-partisan call. A call to support constitutionalism. A call that asks no one to break the law, but everyone to register their calling. It is a call that is compelling.

We have admired Aitizaz’s political acumen as well as his poetic instincts in previous posts. He rises above the fray once again in how he words this call for “Black Flag Week.”

35 responses to “Pakistan Elections 2008: The Judiciary Remains a Defining Issue in Pakistan Politics”

  1. roy says:

    Support Justice movement!
    Black Flag Week Zindabad!

  2. readinglord says:

    It’s no politics, but sheer selfishness and meanness of a person for whom Pakistan is not a homeland for 16 crore people but a hunting ground for his personal aggrandizement. His fiendishness is being exposed day by day. Let us see how low he can go. May God help us!

  3. Saad says:

    I feel for the retired General, no I really do. He took it upon himself to fight with one of the most determined nations on the face of this planet; Pakistanis. =)

  4. MileStone says:

    Amin Fahim was not invited in yesterday’s meeting, which shows the division within the PPP already, and I think Zardari wont nominate him as the leader of the parlianment nor Prime Minister. These dirty politicians have still not learned the lesson, and I am pretty sure they will dicth the lawyer and civil movement once again.

    For PML-N, Musharraf seems to be the biggest threat, but once they get rid of Musharraf ( I hope they will NEVER be able to), these politicians will start fighting with each other.

    I will urge these politicians in the same way Musharraf did, that is, election has been over and the government has almost been made. Its time to stop the politics and start the governance for the betterment of Pakistan.

    I dont want the same to happen, what happened in Musharraf’s administration last year. After his mistake to overthrow the Cheif Justice, he got more busy in saving his chair, rather than working for the betterment of Pakistan, as what he was doing very well in the initial 7 years.

    Historically, we have seen that once these political leaders come into power, they start the politics of revenge ( NS said the same thing during elections) and they get more busy in crushing the opposition rather than working for Pakistan. I hope this would not happen this time and newly elected government would not play the politics of agitation and try to work with Musharraf, as I think that Musharraf should be present in the political arena to keep a check on these political leaders.

  5. Ahsan says:

    We will rock you Musharraf! we, the people of Pakistan, the lawyers and all those who want to see a dawn of justice, peace, harmony and tranquility in beloved country will rock you Musharraf! We will rock you! Inshallah.

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