Posted on March 12, 2008
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34 responses to “Utopia For Me.. Pieces Of My Heart”

  1. Fakhar says:

    Thought Provoking, mind blowing, Excellent

  2. Arjun says:

    “It took the British to liberate the Hindus and eventually bring them back to power, however the Hindus have never gotten over their defeat and domination of the Muslim period. That is how we see it, of course you have your

  3. pervez says:

    “Pervez the Indian Muslim:

    Your claims about killing of 30 lakh Bengalis is false propaganda by India”

    My claims!! Do you know I vigorously pray that these statistics in wikipedia and google top search results were false and even if they were true then the Ummah be forgiven!! How many do YOU claim if not 30 lacks? 10 lacks? 5 lacks? What number is small enough for you? Maybe I am just praying for a futile cause, cause those who are in need to be forgiven by HIM are completely non-repentant even after they have suffered so much.

    And yes you can call me a third class or even a tenth class citizen of India, if doing so comforts you in your situation, I have no problems with it. It was a complete dis-pleasure talking to you. Have a nice day.

  4. Nimi says:

    To Aamir: what do you want to prove? pakistan is backward because India wants it to be that way. Comme on, there is no hindu or muslim point of view. Amongst Pakistanis there are many points of view and the same goes for indians.

    Arjun guy seems to be impressed by only one point of view the darkest and the most useless one. The one representing the hindu extreme right wing in indian politics.

    To Arjun and Pervez. There are many dark episodes of the history on both sides of the border. The younger generations need to look forward, towards future. If India or Pakistan are treating their minorities as third class citizens then this reflects the failure of their respective democracies and of law and order. This shows the incompetencies of their governments in protecting their citizens.

    One more thing, there is a now a general consensus in Pakistan that army needs to concentrate on its first duty that is protection of paksitans interests under the orders of a civil elected government. This state of consensus has come as a result of long decades of struggle. Let’s look forward to the future. Let’s concentrate on what shall change the miserable life of the people.

    Let historians take care of the history. Let’s stop defining both countries as muslim or hindu countries.