Posted on March 13, 2008
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23 responses to “Cricketer Taslim Arif (1954-2008) Passes Away”

  1. M.A. Qadir says:

    Undoubtedly, he played brilliant innings. On Pakistani wickets even my mom could score runs; says Geoffrey Boycott. It goes with Saleem Altaf as he was a midiocre player “moderate to inferior in quality that is.” But tell you what, getting there despite this curruption and nepotism prevailing in Pakistan’s sporting “culture” (if there is any thing like it to say the least) is in itself a great achievement indeed. “Good on him” oh yeh before I submitt and go “down under” I must say that just marrying an Australian cannot make you a better crickter, or politician, whatever. I never met him Tasleem Arif (R.I.P) but I think he was alright, may Allah give him better place in heaven please recite fatiha for his soul he was a good muslim. thats all I can say.
    peace out (M.A Qadir)

  2. Tahir Ashraf says:

    I am a true pakistani and i love pakistan very much
    i am proud of to be a pakistani.
    Pakistan Zinda Abad
    Pakistan PaIndAbad

  3. Good to learn about his old employers NBP’s good gestures who announced Rs.1.2m and jobs to his two sons. But, nothing we heard so far from the body who should be the first to take care of these matters e.g our rich Board of Cricket in the country.