Posted on March 31, 2008
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24 responses to “Beijing’s Pakistani Connections”

  1. Hi All Pakistani Friends & Every one,

    Hope you will be fine and enjoying life in China; We are students of Donghua University; Shanghai and we had a competition last month where we represented Pakistan. Now online voting is going on; and we request you all to help us and find some time to vote for Pakistan on below link:

    Just login with your email account and click on Pakistan stall picture and then send your vote, whenever you find some free time. Pakistan (巴基斯坦 ) is in Group -4 ; if you already not registered on this website than you need to first register using your email address. If you need any help about registration; than please write us on below email:

    We shall be waiting for your help. xie xie :-)

    Pakistan Team
    Donghua University, Shanghai

  2. Qamar says:

    Dear all,

    am rescently in china and found a good place for dinning. Chianese food lovers can go to Nuiji Street and there is food court named Nuiji Muslim Food Court and Halal market to buy everything Halal. You can use Subway Line 4 at Caishikou Station.

    Just opposit to market u can fidn a 700 years old Mosque to visit and pray.

    Enjoy beijing trip with Halal Chinses Foods

  3. maroof says:

    I will be coming to Beijing before bakra eid, where shall I go for eid prayer and where and how and how much it takes for qurbani Bakra in beijing.

    What is the new ph number of pak restaurtant and how to get there from beijing hotel.
    I need to know in next 2 days otherwise i will leave the country.

  4. twitter Bradistancallin update

    Long live 60 years of Pak China friendship.Lollywood on CCTV English 90917/101629.shtml