Posted on April 2, 2008
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94 responses to “Pakistan’s Brain Drain: Do We Not Know or Do We Not Care?”

  1. Asif says:

    I honestly feel its a game of ‘priorities’….all of us are aware of the current situation in the ask WHO is responsible for this…is not going to bring any good..instead we should be questioning ourselves …WHO is going to HELP …if not us???..

    quite obviously ‘brain-drain’ is only worsening the situation….

    Our country is in a dire need of sacrifices from its individuals…esp from those that have received education IN
    (and thus …FROM) Pakistan….

    the DYING nationalism is a very important point raised here…and i honestly feel….every Pakistani…should contribute towards injecting positivity (even if its in the form of a smallest e-mail)…in the society…

    All eyes r on us…even the smallest of (bad) incidents are being over highlighted by the media…esp the international media…and with each bad news….we are being given a minus 1….for being a Pakistani…

    On the other hand…we should be sympathized..for being adversely affected..and consoled…

    its not difficult to understand…that an ‘average’ citizen of Pakistan…is not ‘involved’…in the ‘bad’ that is going on…EVERY ONE HATES IT…then why should we feel ashamed of being a PAKISTANI??

    A strong faith…that it is MY country…my ancestors have sacrificed a lot for it…and now the duty for betterment is on MY shoulders…

    If anything that has to leave is the BAD..

    Its a tough choice to make….but its the one that HAS to be made…

    Asif Raza

  2. Ali says:

    Why we leave home the land where we born , grow and have our families and culture. Feel shame sometime but what a personal can do when society and the government has nothing to give back. I don’t blame the once who left Pakistan for good life. Almost 95% of my friends has moved to Europe and the rest of them are trying. My self move to US for better life and opportunities .The question is who is responsible for this brain Drain.
    Did first degree in Mechanical 98 then another in Journalism 03
    And spend the worse couple of year at home with no job. Move to US did another degree and working on Master. I achieved my dream life in just couple of year that I have always wanted. But at the same time feel guilty not staying back home and to serve my country. So many reason to leaving Pakistan.
    The Brain drain will never stop unless the government provides job ,security, benefits ,facilities .

  3. Javed Ali says:

    Key to reverse the brain drain is economic development.
    Three basic factors to develop economy are following:

    1. Stable Currency
    2. Political Stability
    3. Fair tax system and improving govt. dept. controlling commerce and trade (eliminating corruption)

    If govt. can achieve these three things people would love to invest and work in an economy with bright future. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  4. Javed Iqbal Shah says:

    Dear all,

    1. I was searching internet for writing an article on brain drain syndrome from Pakistan that I came to read the article of Irum Sarfraz. I want to congratulate Irum for writing such an informative, comprehensive and thought-provoking paper.

    2. I just want to add another dimension, which I consider as one of the causes of staying back of Pakistani professionals after completion of their studies abroad, and that is disregard for higher values, like service of one’s own motherland, urge to pay back what this country has done for us, and urge to contribute positively towards tranquility and progress in our country.

    3. Probably, I also came back from Norway to Pakistan after completing my MS because whenever I thought about staying back, I was overtaken by feelings of constructive shame and guilt for betraying my motherland.

    4. For the last 21 years, I am serving in defence forces of Pakistan and still feel proud of my decision to serve my people.

    Regards to all