Posted on April 5, 2008
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23 responses to “UET Alumni Association: Organizing Pakistani Alumni Abroad”

  1. khurram burjees says:


    i m a uetian 07 mechanical from uet taxila.i think we should make a saperate site.And also talk sometimes about uet taxila.lolz

  2. jalal says:

    salam seniors..

    its jalal from 06 electrical uet…we at uet,are waiting anxiously for a strong alumni network like most other universities..i,along with many friends,volunteer to assist in every possible manner in organizing,planning and undertaking this momentous task!


  3. iFaqeer says:

    As Riaz Saahab pointed out NED Alumni are starting to organize–and by that I don’t mean that we just started this year. One-off’s in a blaze of glory are easy to achieve; true organizing takes years.

    What we have started doing in the NED context is bringing existing groups together and encouraging new ones to form. And, as Riaz Saahab said, one set of alumni has taken it on itself to work with communities around the country to hold conventions, with 3 already held and the next two in planning stages.

    The other thing we’ve done is started to collect contact info for groups, etc., and create a central site for alumni everywhere. That work has started here:

    The collection of information started on this WikiPakistan page:

    Folks above have said that we should do the same for all Pakistani alumni–both of Pakistani institutions, and Pakistanis elsewhere, I’d say. Well, I’d like to remind folks that the following page–which is an open database anyone can edit/add to–is exactly such a resource. Folks can use it to collect info for their communities, and then, when they’re ready, take the next step like we’ve done for NEDians.

    But this discussion is engineering-focused. Don’t forget what wonderful work the alumni of our medical colleges have already done: APPNA, DOGANA (Dow Graduates of North America), etc. deserve rich mention.