Posted on April 16, 2008
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30 responses to “Power Politics: The Violence of Energy Insecurity”

  1. Khayam Riaz says:

    ahhhh !!! how cruel we are………..
    GOD never gives his good to those who are not good with themselves………!!!!

  2. Syed Ahmad says:

    On my recent visit to pakistan i have interesting chat (gup shup) with a very passionate senior pakistani official about stifling electric problem according to him pakistan has not built a single power generating plant during Mushraf military regime and solution to current electric shortage is sindh river he states we can built hydro power plant on sindh river every 10 miles and that will not only cure the problem but even give us surplus electric. I can’t imagine if the solution is that simple why WAPDA or govt don’t act on it. Then i thought this solution may be a top secret so here I’m telling all concern pakistanis this is might be the silver bullet .

  3. Fahim says:

    Well power shotage now has itsa own website.

    Check out:

    And there is hope for another energy source in the future, although I would prefer use of wind (almost 50% of Spain uses it) and the sun (although solar tech is still expensive for a poor country like Pakistan to go into-though may be not for
    its deep pocketed citizens.

    See: irh6IUuxH0-MOPefCmwGLTGA

    Canadian, Japanese team make breakthrough on vast potential energy source

  4. Ayaz Siddiqui says:

    News Break

    The $7 billion will be used by WAPDA to purchase sophisticated weapons to curb terrorism

  5. Tina says:

    The news this morning is that 7 billion dollars will be directed to Pakistan from the US for fighting terrorism. Sounds like it might more usefully given for building power plants. Someone mentioned that Shaukat Aziz does not seem interested. Of course he is not interested in electricity and food supplies–he is too busy bragging about how he can seduce in any woman in under two minutes.

    I was on the fence about Musharaff until very recently. Now I definitely think he needs to go–him and all the other high rankers in the government. They are only serving themselves. Now they are getting 7 billion dollars to mismanage spectacularly. Let some other people get a crack at doing a better job with these funds.