Posted on April 26, 2008
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86 responses to “Do Pakistanis Read? (And the Missing Libraries of Pakistan)”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    Yes, they do.

    The Urdu papers full of auks’ford experts. And they both read and write bad Urdu. Everyday!

    And they read the English dailies with “press releases” or more gossip, with or without bad English.

    And the read the English pontiffs in English dailies and blogs with either more hot air or more pontifications.

    And the gossip and the speculation on the blogs. Most energetic when the gossip or the speculation is about who is doing what to whom and when and how.

    And some even memorize their foreign bank account numbers and the balances. We suffered a great loss when the mangoes exploded. Too many numbers were lost.

    And they read (and write) bad statistics assuring them that Pakistanis have clean water and power available.

    And they read the ‘tenders’ that have been fixed for them by their friends in theft.

    And they read the wrong history books.

    And they read the wrong books on Islam.

    And they do not read Qur’an but read books about so called Sharia. This is why their statements on sharia cannot be found in Qur’an.

    And they read how the world is conspiring about them and in the process they learn how to deny equity and justice to their fellow Pakistanis.

    And they read, and they do, yes they do, how the “feduals” have messed them up, when the text books, the laws, the “gormint” is being run by the ignorant but educated. The idea is to blame someone else for the rights they steal from their fellow Pakistanis.

    And they read on how to label their fellow Pakistanis with this or that ism, knowing that it is not the ism, but the absence of equity and justice that is the root of the problems. And by labeling their fellow, they are actually attempting to cover their lies.

    And they read, how to sell their own fake, phony and fraud (thanks Bob Grant, many will not know him, that is OK) isms to friends and make money as “consultants”.

    Ohhh, I can go on, but you get the point.

    Today was a fun day or Monday?