Posted on May 6, 2008
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39 responses to “Data Durbar: Food Crisis”

  1. oh thts too bad we should have to help each other before it get more worse

  2. nouman says:

    I don’t want to get into this all stupid matters of politics i just want to say that we all human can live a better life’s by helping each other like mr. asim said he cannot feed everyone in this country/city but I cannot feed at least 1 or 2 such needy persons!, he meant that he can feed 1 or 2 such needy person’s so by mistake he wrote i guess see we all pure good clean white sweet brave innocent muslims can do it, i dont know him or never seen him i just got in to google for a search for some important need and i saw this asim’s comment that he is mistaken here so what can i do for his good comment that every muslim should do it dont feel why should i be consern if he is wrong then let it be i dont care actually i am am indian and i love all my human nature that allah gifted us and we all should thank to allah for this beautifull living things non living things dont fight each other just feel and try to convence the disturbed person if u see some thing wrong around u so you just try to fix it or make some one to fix him or her try to feel if he or she is doing wrong why is it so their might be some pro with them only for allah sake and we all are brother and sisters bye for now and ill pray for each and every muslim may live there lives safe and sugarly u know what do i mean by sugarly and u ppl also pray for me .ALLAH HAFIZ

  3. sharafatali says:

    im from city kasur kot murad khan i like this tombs

  4. annie says:

    i think this is the punishment given to us by God we left behind our values & our religion so let us again follow the islamic teachings and then we all witness that whole scenario change