Happy Mother’s Day Pakistan

Posted on May 11, 2008
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Adil Najam

Today is Mother’s Day.

Everyday should be a day to cherish and to honor what our mothers do for us. But it is good that on one day at least we take a few minutes out to think of that which can sometime become so routine that it becomes easy to forget. So, today, and for all the times when all of us might have forgotten to say so, we say “Happy Mother’s Day” to all.

Since we have been talking about old Pakistani Ads at ATP, it is only fitting that what I have to share with you today is also an Ad; from something called ZONG. I must say that I find the narration a little over done but the sentiment (even if not the poetic craft) is not just appropriate but also moving.

But in terms of what is being discussed on ATP today, maybe the more pertinent post is the one on domestic violence against women. It is mothers who are the victims of this violence. Let their fate not be forgotten today. Or on any day.

One of the most moving song on the subject that I know of is Abrar-ul-Haq’s Maan. It never fails to move me. Mother’s day or not. Unfortunately, I did not find a good video of it on YouTube, so please listen to (and not as much watch) the video below:

But the theme of mothers as stalwarts of support and strength is not a new one. It is one that has been expressed so many times, in so many ways. As it should be. Take a listen to Hamid Ali Bela singing Maee ni meiN kinnu aakhaN.

20 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day Pakistan”

  1. Aik Pakistani says:

    Happy Mothers Day to All the Mothers of the World!

  2. Anwar says:

    Well, As per our Islamic culture we don’t have any Mother’s day.So, Its really bad to celebrate mother’s day in Pakistan or in any islamic republic. USA,UK,India,Europe are mostly secular countries so they can follow it.. and it is there policy of being secular …just like we are following Islam.

  3. Moeen says:

    I never said ‘Respecting Mothers is not part of our culture”; using computers has nothing to do with culture, anyone can see that. Birthdays has always been celebrated in Pakistan. But Mothers day, fathers day, holoween, valentine day etc were never celebrated in pak, maybe I have become stranger to my own culture where I was born and raised. Please do allow me to object it when you are putting it under the flag of “Pakistaniat and all things Pakistan.”

  4. Farrukh says:

    Nice post. Thanks.

    I also think that this argument about Mothers Day is not “Pakistani culture” is a bogus one. How many other things do we do that are really Pakistani culture. And respect for mothers and love for mothers is certainly my culture.

  5. Qadir says:

    Moeen, since when is respecting mothers not part of our culture. That is all that the day is about!

    I guess you are also against celebrating birthdays or even remembering them and putting them in documents. Since that also is not part of our “culture”.

    Nor is using a computer!

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