Posted on May 11, 2008
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20 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day Pakistan”

  1. cheqqs says:

    How to say Happy Mother’s day in Pakistan? (urdu language)
    Do you have any nice quote in that language?
    I’ve a colleague who r from Pakistan, and i hope can cheer her up since her family r not with her here..Bohot syukria!

  2. my freinds asa Ist july 2010 is 6th death anniversary of my mother but i think my mother appeard in world she go to world but she is apperard in my heart in my life every time every mother is very great but we r not respect of the parents of his life and after the death of parents(specially)we remember to every time pls i request to u read a sura-e-fatiha of my mother and pray to god his plac in paradise god bless all mothers and all fathers and all child and saya to mother every child on head

  3. Salman Ahmed says:

    On May 12, 2009, it was my late mother’s 3rd death anniversary. I still cherish her love and affection and miss her a lot. She dedicated her 35 years of widowed life for my up bringing & grooming me.

    Ammi, I will miss you for rest of my life. Please keep remembering in your prayers to Allah SWT.


  4. Ayaz Ali Shah says:

    My mom is special in a lot of different ways, but here are just a few of them. She always compliments me in my work and my stories. She thinks they are funny, and so do I. She also cooks me a special homemade meal for my birthday. She will always make sure I am healthy and active. And she will read me a book every night and give me hugs and kisses. We make up handshakes and jokes together. She tries to make me laugh when I am sad about something. Like, she sings to be funny, but not a lot. She will try to sing a Britney Spears song in opera – it is so funny. I am usually the one who makes her laugh. She takes naps with me when I am sick. She makes me a sick couch and makes sure that I have everything that I need. I love that! She is always there for when I am sick or hurt. I love it when she “nurses” me back to health because then I feel like her little baby again. We take pictures of each other and talk on the phone a lot when she goes out of town.

    My mom is always a special person to me and to others. I think that I should win this essay because everyone should know just what a special mom does for her kids.

  5. Azeem says:

    Do celebrate Mother’s day, but everyday.

    – Do not use just day to fulfill your 24/7/365 duty (it is not an option! it is an obligation and duty).
    – Do not call it what “for profit corporate America 0r corporate world wants us to call it”.
    – Do not celebrate it only on the day dictated by “for profit corporate world.”
    – Celebration (not ritual) is never a duty in human mind, it just an act that is optional.
    – Respecting your Mother and Father every moment of your life is not optional.

    Do whatever you want but do not let corporation drive your mind, life, relations or emotion. If you really want, celebrate mother’s day on September 23… or any other day except for the day dictated by for profit corporations.

    Not sermon, just a thought!