Posted on May 12, 2008
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40 responses to “PML(N) Quits from Cabinet (and, maybe, from coalition?)”

  1. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @Ilyas Khan Baloch,

    Ap bhi jantay hein aur ham sab ye jantay hein keh
    Zarbhutt, CJ ko ” Kabhi bhi wapas nehein ” laey ga,
    jabkay uska apna C judge already betha howa hay,
    Dogar kiska admi hay, Sain ?

  2. I appreciate your feeling for Pakistan and Pakistani but unfortunately you too, expecting to control sole centralize power in your hand so that you can solve the public grievances as you too did in the past.. ? like other politician did in last 60 years. However you want to show the people that you are the only sympathizer for them but are you prepared to share power with common people..? Or you don

  3. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Adil Najam,
    Shair, tawajuh-talab hay !!

    @Salman Taseer’s appointement thru conspiracy,
    is nothing but a sample of PPP’s Siyyasi Kam’aegi,
    ( a decent Urdu word for Kaminigi)
    this is, as if All Pakistan Musharrafian Employees
    Association ( APMEA) has applied for jobs to
    Zarbhutts, of PPP,

    On the list, looking for a job

    1 Salman Taseer ( got it)
    2 Sherafgan
    3 Tariq Azeem
    4 Durrani

    Do you know that on every marriage on GEO shadi on line
    10 % commission is paid to………. ?

    arz hay

    PP ki Siyyasat mein, hiffazat hoti nehein patloonon ki,
    Bhiggti hay, ya uttarti hay, ya bhigg kay uttar jati hay
    Rafay Kashmiri

  4. Umar Akbar says:

    It is a nightmare scenario, as spearheads of the three most corrupt and incompetent governments in recent history, are gearing up to rule the country together. Deals have been struck, the die is cast, and the smokescreens are up to cover the ‘topi drama’ that would put the World Wrestling Federation’s top wrestler-actors to shame.

  5. SMM says:

    The winner in all of this is Musharraf and his American masters. Remember who was negotiating for Zardari-Hussain Haqqani who is an American agent.

    I am very disappointed in Zardari. Like many I had thought that he was now a changed man. But maybe he is now Musharaf’s new Shaukst Aziz.