Posted on May 13, 2008
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29 responses to “ATP Comic Quiz: What Have They Been Thinking?”

  1. Karachiwalla says:

    I agree the expressions on the 2nd pic are priceless and tell all the story without any words.

  2. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @ “Humourism”

    Humour on Pak Media and showbis is “miserable “.
    they should abandon this faculty to individuals.

    Sanjidah mizah or Tafannun is very healthy attitude,
    very much advised to nations going thru crises beyond
    imagination, like our Great Pakistani Nation. In solidarity,
    I have decided to reduce my food consumption to only one
    meal a day, and spend the rest in Pakistan. I pray to
    Al-Mighty Allah SWT to grant me more ability to defend
    and support my country in these bad times.

  3. sidhas says:

    Regardless of what Nawaz Sharif did and how I made fun of him, In retrospect, Nawaz is standing for a good and moral cause. Restoring Judges and Independence of Judiciary is vital to constitutionalism.

  4. ASIM says:

    I guess some people are just having a bad day and lost their sense of humour.

    Please don’t take them seriously and continue with the excellent work you have been doing.