Posted on May 22, 2008
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18 responses to “Rising Food Prices – A Silent Tsunami?”

  1. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    @Navid Haqqi,
    I should’nt doubt good intentions of your suggestions,

    No.1 Good idea of self imposing Ramadan, but not with
    full & exaggerated ” Iftari”.

    2. Good one
    3. Veg. Garden, OK
    4. Better give up atleast one whole meal, and
    rest to be shared with others, a country known
    worldwide for her gastronomy, should find a
    solution, use masjids, cultural centres for collective
    langars with minimal fees.
    5. Good idea
    6. OK
    7. yes, but only for poors, less-poorer, middle class,
    lower M-Class, and btw,
    what about discos, jam sessions, parties and
    awaarah-gardi, cigarette smoking and junk food ?

    this way you can lose weight, it seems Lahore and
    Karachi have the highest obesity rate.

    The rich should also participate and share.

    The plan is good lets get on with it.

  2. Naved Haqqi says:

    Some suggestions!

    1. All adults 18 years and older declare 3 months of self-imposed Ramadan.
    2. Stay-Home-Mothers to form Muhalla Cooperatives that will purchase all food items on wholesale basis from farms/wholesale markets. Simple way is to budget and pool that money to purchase goods and services on wholesale rates. Committee System (Micro Financing) is already quite prevalent among families, and works on honor system. Same method can be adopted in this case. Set those three months to work out all the modalities and launch the cooperative.
    3. Establish Green Houses: On roof-tops, back-yards, etc.
    4. Give-away food that you planned to prepare for a get together or a party, to families that you know are in trouble.
    5. Create extra income opportunities for your family. It only takes an idea to get something rolling. Don’t waste your time and energy in chasing politicians and politics, for that will not put food on your table.
    6. Take pride in working and respect the workers around you and you will start seeing opportunities around you.
    7. Put 17-year-olds (boys and girls) and above to work during their summer vacations or engage them in your family ventures. They are the most useful and energetic resource of your family and very fast learners too.

    Take matters into your own hands, by not going out on streets and rioting and pointing fingures and venting frustrations, but taking measures that can truly give you and your family a long term relieve and prepare you and your family to meet future challenges, for they are only going to increase.

    At the end of the day you have to face the music yourself!

    God bless us all!!

  3. Fakhar says:

    i believe that:

    The time has come when the desperate sparrow will pounce upon the mighty falcon and will over power it.