Posted on June 6, 2008
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36 responses to “Made in Pakistan”

  1. ahmad says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    my name is ahmad zahid. i m living in UAE Dubai right now, from many days before i was thinking that what business should i started in UAE but never know any one. today when i was sitting a thing about chines people then i come to know the business is my beloved country “Pakistan” n the should be “Made In Pakistan” i want to promote my country in international market by supply the original made’s of Pakistan i can remove the distance between our national people living out in UAE by my business so that i can develop my countries name as much as i can please help me n support me in this good will n guide me further in this way that any wholesaler in Pakistan who actually made 100% Pakistani products can contact me at 00971552669007 or e-mail me at:
    we should make our country proud n we should stand with our country n we will successful INSHALLAH.

    thanks & Regards,
    Ahmad Zahid