Posted on June 8, 2008
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32 responses to “Water and Food Shortage: Pakistan Must Act Now!”

  1. PAKI CITIZEN says:

    we are blind and deaf nation thatswhy we are ruled by such rullers we will keep watching indian channels on the tv and one day indian army will be knocking our doors we are muslims by the name only but our acts are worse than hindus sleep my brothers and sisters sleep and leave nothing for your future generation

  2. Kaneez fatima says:

    Situation is going worst day by day. Everything is going short day by day even the single egg is available for Rs. 10. Do our govt thinks that in such a worst condition people can lead their lives. Every one knows that this Government is failed in all aspects of life. Question arises that this Food shortage is Artificial or it exists in actual? In past we have never seen such bad conditions. Our country instead of moving ahead, we are going backward day by day. If this situation will not be controlled and increase in prices will not be stop then I am afraid that we will totally collapse because 90% of Pakistan population is deadly suffering from these price hikes and load shedding. May Allah keep Pakistan for ever. My suggestion to this Govt. is please take action or resign.