Posted on June 12, 2008
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65 responses to “Long March to Islamabad”

  1. Abdul Hai says:

    Following exceprt from Naition Newspaper

    ISLAMABAD- Transparency International Global Corruption (TIGC) Report 2008 Wednesday revealed that President Pervez Musharraf has converted army-granted farmland worth US$690,000 in Islamabad into US$10.34 million of moveable assets.

    According to the TIGC Report 2008 analysis,” the scale of the inroads made by the military into ‘civilian’ sectors of Pakistan’s economy, including land, construction, property, manufacturing, fertilizers, agriculture, road building, trucking etc; and that full generals enjoy individual wealth in excess of US$8.3 million,”

  2. shahid yusuf says:

    You know what is our problem ? we want immediate results. Long march is over, if we cannot appreciate the efforts which lawyers and people from all walks of life put in then better be quite.
    Lawyers long march is one of the biggest assembly of people of all of Pakistan showing their solidarity with the judges of Supreme Court of Pakistan.
    Lamentable it is that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has always worked against the interest of democracy in Pakistan. Look back at the history and one sees how judges coined different ideologies to support the military junta.
    The ” Law of necessity” is one of the blackest chapter in Pakistan’s judicial history.
    Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudary must not forget this.Rest assured this long march though which has ended, too many without results, but in effect thats not the case.
    Qudrat shaid Musharf ko ik moqa de rahi ha keh chala jio warna
    a furious nation can do any thing. Learn from history.

  3. legaleagle says:

    My list of people who should be ‘hanged’

    10. Shahbaz Sharif (for the hell of it!)

    09. Nawaz Sharif (for being the idiot of highest order)

    08. Ex-Serviceman Society (for being holier than thou)

    07. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (Ooops! he’s already dead!)

    06. Benazir Bhutto (Ooops! she’s dead too!)

    05. Asif Ali Zardari (for giving corruption a new status)

    04. Ahmed R. Shahid (Just to give him a taste of his own medicine!)

    03. Hamid Mir (for being a typical ‘phappay kutni’ on TV)

    02. Saddam Hussain (just to fill space here!)

    01. PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN (for having short memory and attention spans and being the ultimate dumbwits to elect the same garbage that has brought them the pain and agony in the first place)

  4. Ahmad R. Shahid says:


    Acha hai jitni deir sei jayey ga utni zillat sei jayey ga.

  5. Aamir Ali says:

    Ahmed R Shahid:

    Dont talk crazy stuff about hanging Musharraf. the man served 46 years in Pakistan army and fought wars for the country. Your Nawaz Sharif committed many crimes including hijacking an airliner. if that is not a problem then musharraf is not either.