Posted on June 20, 2008
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23 responses to “Lawyer’s Long March: What Did It Achieve?”

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    The real distinguishing factor is that there is no distinction between those who claim to be “secular” and those who claim to be “religious”.

    Absent in both is the correct understanding of what they claim to be. The alleged “religious” do not follow Qur’an or equally understand the role of Sunnah. Likewise, the alleged “secular” do not know the principles of morality, law and justice in absence of religious guidance.

    Present in both, is the denial of equity and justice for the Pakistanis.

    Nothing is more glaring, then the commonality of the usurpers evil and enlightened. Both undermined the constitution. Both destroyed justice and judiciary. Both denied justice and equity to common man. Neither true to the principles they claim they adhere. Neither even demonstrated a sense of comprehension of the correct principles of their claims (read fake claims).

    Both same, no different for Pakistanis.

  2. Watan Aziz says:

    5. 10, 000 additional judges for lower courts? Resource them with another 20,000 to 30, 0000 staffers. Provide courts with state of the art systems to automate docket. Fast track cases for cheap and speedy justice. Those who do not break laws, need justice and equity. How long is long enough?

    (BTW, this can be done overnight. It is a matter of will not resources. The real losers will be criminals and those who have accumulated power by means other than legal.)

  3. Nihari says:

    Lets have a poll
    Would we prefer
    1. The veiled dictatorship of Musharraf
    2. Current democracy of Zardai
    3. Islami Khilafat of Khalifa sharifbillah
    4. Day dreaming of Imran Khan