Series of Blasts in Karachi follow Islamabad’s Attack: Enough… Violence Must Stop Now!

Posted on July 7, 2008
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Owais Mughal and Adil Najam

Following yesterday’s murderous attack on Islamabad, Karachi has been rocked today by a series of blasts (seven reported till now).

Bomb blasts in KarachiBomb blasts in KarachiBomb blasts in IslamabadBomb blasts in Islamabad

According to The News:

One person was killed and 50 others injured in a series of 6 blasts that ripped through different areas of the busiest city of country on Monday. Two explosions occurred here in Banaras area. One of the blasts happened in a pile of garbage while the other one at a footpath near Banaras chowk, injuring 16 people. They were shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, sources said. Enraged people took the streets and started pelting stones at moving vehicles.

The third explosion ripped through a mini truck in North Nazimabad area of Shahra-e-Noor Jehan near Sohail mosque. Five persons were injured, police sources said. However, Chhipa sources said 8 persons were taken to hospital. There are reports of the fourth blast in Hyderi area near a children’s school. Police mobiles have reached the blasts’s sites while ambulances are shifting the injured to local hospitals. The fifth blast occurred here in a motor cycle in Qasba colony area, killing one person.

A policeman was injured in the sixth blast in a bicycle in Manghopir. Two blasts also occurred in Pak colony in which 7 persons are reported injured. Police has not come up with any statement confirming the above blasts. Police and Rangers have been put on high alert in the city following the series of blasts.

How long will these murderous attacks on innocent Pakistanis continue? There can be no excuse for them. No justifications. No bahana-baazi. These terrorist acts are calculated moves to purposely spread fear and terror. These are clearly a war on Pakistan. A war on Pakistanis. A war on human decency.

Yesterday, after Islamabad’s blast we had written about a friend who survived the ghastly and cowardly attack on innocent people and had written this in an email (to Owais):

Today my belief in Allah’s power and what we call qismat(fate) was re-enforced. One of the things I learned while in overseas (i.e. to stop when a traffic police man tells me to stop) literally saved my life.I was on the other side of the road trying to make a uturn when the suicide bomber hit the policemen in Melody chowk today. If I had not stopped because a traffic policeman signaled me to stop and tell me that I cant make a U-turn, I would literally have been less the 5 feet from the suicide bomber. Luckily I stopped and being on the other side of the double road it placed a distance of around 20 feet between my car and the bomber. Somehow I was lucky enough to only have minor cuts and bruises while some really sharp pieces of metal landed inside my car and completely missed me.

It was one of the most un-nerving experience of my life since Ojhri Camp and also one of the saddest. I would really hope such events would stop in our country and as I fail to see what they achieve except for killing many innocent.

Our friend was extra lucky but for how long will Pakistanis continue to pickup ‘laashe’ of their unlucky loved ones?

This madness, brutality and violence must stop NOW !

Reference: Detailed news of Islamabad’s tragedy here.

60 responses to “Series of Blasts in Karachi follow Islamabad’s Attack: Enough… Violence Must Stop Now!”

  1. One Pakistani says:


    When we find a culprit we just like to blame all the crimes on him. If we find a theif we would like to held him responsible for all the crimes of rape, robbery and what not, because it is convenient and we are lazy enough to not try to find the rapists and the robbers.

    Lets be fair, if you have proof then backup your claim with the proof.

    Your comment…
    In Afghanistan, the Taliban was involved with the mass manufacturing and sale of heroin. They were responsible for beating old women and raping women, some of whom were married while their husbands were forced to watch…

    is a very strong one. While the UN had admitted that they had curtailed a lot of opium growth, you on the other side have another research. You mind sharing your research?

    Also you said They were responsible for raping women…Can you backup this? please don’t post some rediff links or statments of Dostum and other militias.

  2. Babar says:

    Sheikh Rashid aptly put that the country is in the grip of crisis and the govt is on vacation.

    Meanwhile ANP is threatning to quit coalation on the appointment of “baitul mall” chief of all things and MQM is happy labeling all the pashtoons as Talibans. Talk about opputunism.

  3. Aisha says:

    Mustafa…I beleive Taliban was listed as one radical group of many in Pakistan as a for example. However, if you think that the Taliban truly represents a pious non-violent Muslim then I don’t know what anyone can say or show you to prove otherwise. And, if it’s only a few bad apples making the others look bad…then those few are really bad and need to be stopped.

    In Afghanistan, the Taliban was involved with the mass manufacturing and sale of heroin. They were responsible for beating old women and raping women, some of whom were married while their husbands were forced to watch. They were robbing farmers. Girls were denied an education and those attempting to educate others were killed.

    Afghanistan is proof enough as to what the Taliban has to offer Pakistan…a never ending blood bath.

  4. Aisha says:

    Indeed, the Taliban does not represent Islam! Even Saudi Arabia has made a strong stance against such groups and doesn’t tolerate their presence in Saudi. Likewise, Pakistan has to become hard when it comes to dealing with such individuals or groups including those in the military who have their own agenda. Yes, all the corruption needs to be dealt with harshly as well. Full Public disclosure and punishment of corrupt leaders, military personnel, and local police is necessary.

    True, true, true…the only ones to benefit from the destabilization of Pakistan is the Taliban and other radical groups. Where in Islam does it say to kill innocent people? Alahamdulilah, It doesn’t. But, that is exactly what suicide bombers and radicals do.

    An important factor to stopping the violence is to see that every Pakistani has equal access to a good education and that minimal educational requirements are mandated and enforced! But, there has to be more jobs and better wages so that children aren’t forced out of basic necessity to quit school to help their father’s to support the family.

    Education, Jobs, and Health care are vital to the future of Pakistan.

  5. Mustafa Kemal says:

    Contempt of Urdu media is barely disguised on this forum. Folks. Urdu media is the popular voice of Pakistan. Show me one instance where Urdu media has supported *violence* of Talibans. OTOH, Talibans themselves are target of intellectual violence from English media and from western educated elites. Anything goes wrong in this country and there is a media trial to blame everything on Talibans. Has there ever been a court conviction against Talibans? Then why do we assume that Talibans are behind these blasts? There may be a few bad apples among Talibans also but certainly their percentage is very less compared to Pakistani government and rulers. Average Taliban is a simple and pious Muslim who shuns violence. They will never do anything against the interests of Muslims of Pakistan.

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