Posted on July 16, 2008
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25 responses to “The Art of Asim Butt”

  1. Umair Ghani says:

    I met Asim through his catalogue, and a detailed introduction by art critic Asim Akhtar. Indeed a man of tremendous political awareness and the strong will to assert his thoguht! His death may go unrewarded, but his mark on Pakistani art will live on, if not now, then may be someone in FUTURE will learn from it… to identify truth and when known, how to speak it!!!!

  2. nusrat razzaq says:

    hi Thanks for sharing the paintings….these are truly fantastic.but a great lose that we lost such artist

  3. Aman Malik says:

    Sad to hear of his death… a great loss to Pakistan and the art community all over…

  4. sanjoy dey repon says:

    well. i will be a art critick for spade out our art activities

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