Posted on July 24, 2008
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40 responses to “How Many People are on this Motorcycle?”

  1. Naeem malki says:

    Hello everyone how r u?there r about 15 people in this rickshaws faraz.

  2. Anas Fareedi says:

    Instead of using delapidated machines and hanging like a Langur monkey fashion, why not design our own transportation vehicles. In the city of Gujrat, there exists a lot of fan and other electrical components factories, and in the Darre Adam Khel region, small factories manufacture all type of guns and ammunition.
    Since Karachi, Lahore, Multan, and Wazirabad are all big manufacturing hubs, why can’t we uniquely design our own transportation vehicles, such as the rikshaws we have imported from China.

  3. Sami says:

    I like the heart shaped wind screen,and the color combination is just fantastic and refreshing.Living and hanging on the edge is! what life is about in Pakistan.

  4. hello everyone!
    i live in AUSTRALIA.I love pakistan and i used to travel on this kind of rickshaws.This rickshaws carries 16+ people.I love MALKI ,GUJRAT.NEAR AWAN SHARIF, BARNALA, AAHI ETC.

  5. Zoufishan says:

    What can I say…Us Pakistaniz like living on the edge…or in this case hanging of the edge!!
    This is so dangerous…The drivers of these vehicles are normally CrAzY..they suffer from a severe case of road rage!!