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Posted on August 11, 2008
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Adil Najam

ATP Mobile

A mobile phone version of All Things Pakistan is now available for readers who might wish to catch up with ATP while on the go (please don’t try doing so while driving!).

The mobile address for ATP is http://pakistaniat. mofuse. mobi/ and iPhone users can use http://pakistaniat. /iPhone for a version designed for the iPhone.

Those interested in subscribing can also do so by sending themselves an SMS through the (green) widget displayed on our right hand column.

You can, of course, continue to view the regular web version of ATP on your cell phone browsers (personally, I prefer the regular version on my iPhone) but for (much) quicker downloads and more readability ATP-Mobile may be more useful.

7 responses to “ATP-Mobile Now Available”

  1. Aamer Javed says:

    Good one from Eidee. Now everyone start commenting under my name.

    Actually, no. I don’t want any hostile comments seemingly coming from me.

  2. Eidee Man says:

    Nice! Now only if ATP buys iPhones for its most prolific commenters.

  3. Adil Najam says:

    Thanks Aamir. I did not realize that one existed. Will try to have it implemented soon.

  4. aamir attaa says:

    ahan…that’s nice

    By the way, why didn’t you try a very effective wp-mobile plugin?

    It actually detects if a user is browsing on mobile and if so a very simplified design is presented to him, with a list of recent posts and so on. I am using that for my blog and it works perfect …!

  5. Laeeq says:


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