Posted on October 19, 2008
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61 responses to “ATP Poll: Pakistan After Musharraf, Redeaux”

  1. iftekhar says:

    Departure of Gen (retd) Musharraf has led to substantial deterioration of law & order in the country. His resignation has created many problems to a common man. He was a competent and brave soldier. Furthermore, he proved his worth as a seasoned politician before the whole world. He coped with national requirements in many spheres of life. We are missing him a lot when we look into the present state of affairs. The fact remains that evidences of decline due to Musharraf’s departure were evident from many angles but if somebody turns deaf ear to all that, what can be done? Let us pray to ALMIGHTY ALLAH for the best. General sb, we love you as a former head of state, and pray for your good health.