Pakistan at War: No Women Allowed

Posted on January 16, 2009
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Adil Najam

This photograph was published in Daily Times, January 12, 2009. The caption read:

“Women are not allowed in the market,” reads a banner displayed at the entrance of a market in Mingora. Taliban have banned the entry of women in markets and ordered the killing of women who violate the ban. Most shop owners have sold or shut down their businesses because of falling sales following the restriction.

What would have made this tragic depiction comical had the context been different is that from the picture this is clearly a textile and cloth market – the type of market where, in Pakistan, you would expect most customers to be women!

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  1. D_a_n says:

    for a look at how the best amongst the Muslims have conducted themselves in battle…be it against any foe or for whatever cause it may be…

    take a look at this… 20641721/0/NEWS

    and for all those with half a brain…compare it with the actions of those that can only cry themselves hoarse as to how much superior they are to us all as Muslims because they have a beard….and make up your mind…
    where is the honour ….of those barbarian Jahiliya in Swat…

  2. readinglord says:

    I wonder what the so called army operation is doing in Sawat when schools, especially those of girls, are being blasted or closed and innocent people being butchered.

    As to what is Islam, it is not the issue presently, as any thing can be proved if we search the plethora of islamic literature produced during the last 14 centuries. The question which we face to day is whether we can allow imposing any type of religion by force or terror as is being done in Sawat today.
    @Sikandar Hayat

    The sad thing is army has apparently failed to check the Taliban onslaught and this Pakiland, God forbid, is going to be turned into Talibani Afghanistan sooner or later or become shaheed as there seems to be no committed force to check it within Pakistan. In fact no body is even aware of the danger we are facing today except Altaf Hussain of MQM who has been raising the alarm since long and now Sikandar Hayat has taken it up forcefully.

  3. Abdul hai says:

    The stories coming out of Swat are really horrendous. These people are really brutal and inhuman and ruling with fear. You are doing a great service by highlighting what is happening there and reminding us all that we are indeed at war with these extremists.

  4. I once had a chance to listen to a song by Jaques Brel, a famous Belgian francophone. This song reminds me of the butchers operating in our Pakhtoonkhwa (also known as NWFP) province. What Brel sings about in

  5. An Indian says:

    I feel extremely satisfied to see that there are a lot of people across who think and believe in the same things. Extremism and mixing of religion and politics is a plague that has crippled the subcontinent for many decades now. We need to fight it. And a good debate like this is the best place to start. Best of luck to us all!

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