Pakistan at War: No Women Allowed

Posted on January 16, 2009
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Adil Najam

This photograph was published in Daily Times, January 12, 2009. The caption read:

“Women are not allowed in the market,” reads a banner displayed at the entrance of a market in Mingora. Taliban have banned the entry of women in markets and ordered the killing of women who violate the ban. Most shop owners have sold or shut down their businesses because of falling sales following the restriction.

What would have made this tragic depiction comical had the context been different is that from the picture this is clearly a textile and cloth market – the type of market where, in Pakistan, you would expect most customers to be women!

111 responses to “Pakistan at War: No Women Allowed”

  1. Raheem says:

    Sad that such a beautiful and open part of the country is now being victimised by these barbaric people.

  2. QADRI says:

    This truly is barbaric and as others have said these guys are misusing Islam’s name in the process. I think t is duty of every Muslim to fight against Talibanism because they are really doing war against our religion.

  3. Gardezi says:

    It is the duty of all Muslims to rise against the jahalat of these barbarians who are waging a war against Pakistan and also against the word of Allah. May all Taliban rot in hell.

  4. pakistani atheist says:

    every time i read these reports from my beloved country it makes me sad, i been to swat in early 1990s and it was the most beautiful place i have been to. i wonder how long these Taliban will survive with their ridicules and idiotic laws.
    how do they think they can change peoples way of life with fear? for any country or any nation to survive you have to give your people human rights and when you take your people’s rights you get what happened in 1971. i always wonder people who consider themselves Muslim, do they even read history and values of Islam, even one of Muslim saint ALI also said you can rule with kufer (paganism) but you can not rule with injustice.

    Taliban will die their own death, cause with this type of extremism they are only hurting their own cause, eventually people will get sick of them and remove them either with force or by disobedience but for this, we will have to wait.

  5. UKS says:

    What a sad sad thing. We must rise against this jahalat and these jahils just like the Prophet (PBUH) rose up against the jahalat and jahils of his time.

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