Posted on February 6, 2009
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40 responses to “Khalid Hasan (1934-2009): Columnist Par Excellance Passes Away”

  1. Mukhtar Chaudhry says:

    Hadithey bekhabran hai tu ba zamana basaz,
    Zamana ba tu na sazad tu ba zamana sateez. Iqbal

    In contemporary Pakistani environment late Khalid Hassan would have become a billionaire because of his family connections and his extraordinary talent. He was exposed to lots of money making opportunities but he preferred to earn his livelihood by mere hard work.He was an income tax officer and resigned to become a journalist He was political secretary of Bhutto and was sacked for not approving duality of character. He joined the Pakistani Foreign service and resigned when hawk eyed Zia appeared on the scene. And labored to feed his family. Surprisingly his American wife always supported him in all his endeavors and difficult enterprises. He was very short tempered and touchy person but had a heart of gold. He had friends and well-wisher all over the world. He was a journalist of par excellence. He could translate a book in just one month.

    The last email he sent me was a week before his death. He never mentioned me that he is seriously ill. Only one of our common friend Mr Akmal Aleemi told me that my friend id dead. It was a shock to receive this bad news.

    We all miss him badly. May Allah bless his soul and shower his Rahma on him. He is burried in America-far away from his beloved country and relatives.

  2. MF says:

    oh! khalid hasan we are missing you .

  3. Naveed Abbas says:

    Great people are remembered with accolades when their epithets are written. In case of Khalid Sahib, people have run out of superlatives. Surely, what a great innings he played!
    Here, I recall my stalwart bother Dr. Ejaz Haider (Deputy Secetary Ministry of Commerce, he met his Lord on 11th of July, 1999 in Pakistan High Commission , New Delhi).
    He used to say about Khalid Hasan, “Not all, only a few have become evident as tulips and roses”. May his soul rest in peace!

  4. neyaab says:

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Nostalgic says:

    And from across the border, Aakar Patel writing in The News: