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Posted on February 11, 2009
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Owais Mughal

I recently came across this wonderful website about the Wildlife of Pakistan. It is seldom that I come across a website which I feel obliged to share with our readership, but this one is indeed the trend setter. What impressed me that most is that it displays a very well researched material, which is also very up to date. It is a rarity in my opinion, to find this unique topic about Pakistan on the web, hence here is my piece of spreading the word around.

OK, now without further ado, here it is: Wildlife of Pakistan: Journey from the Karakoram to the Arabian Sea. The site is run by Sheikh Nausherwan Sarshar Ahmed who currently lives in Iowa, USA.

Another thing that attracted me to the site was its upto date listing of National Parks of Pakistan, Wildlife Sanctuaries of Pakistan, Game Reserves, wetlands and Zoos of Pakistan.

I will let our readers explore the site further but I wanted to mention that it also has a treasure of information on biodiversity as well as wildlife conservation effort in Pakistan. For example did you know that Pakistan has a variety of 188 Mammals, 668 Birds, 195 Reptiles, 22 Amphibians, 525 types of Fish and over 20,000 Insects/Invertebrates? OR did you know the animal population for Karachi Zoo since 1994-95? You’ll find all these detailed information here.

Hopefully you’ll like it.

19 responses to “Website: Wildlife of Pakistan”

  1. From the Himalaya in the north to the Makran coast in the south, Pakistan claims a wide range of ecosystems. High mountains, valleys, alpine forest, jungle, stone and sand deserts, marshlands, the Indus river and coastal strip support a variety of wildlife. Rare mountain species include the snow leopard and Himalayan bear.

  2. khalid jatoi says:

    I realy love flora n fanna of our lovelly pakistan.
    and sorry to say that in sindh every one mostly (wildlife) employs r careless.
    we r going to b destroy our flora n fana.
    i request to u all plz plz take care any animal n plant n protect them. thenx

  3. sana mir says:

    Pakistani wild life is the best in the world.I am a member of WWF.
    If any body want to contact.please feel free so.

  4. Jalal HB says:

    The site is very interesting and informative – when I was adding the Flora and fauna sections of my website “Pakistanpaedia”, it came handy. We need to explore Pakistan in all its facets, including the wild life and will be amazed to find how much we have and still how much we do not know.

  5. Faraz says:

    Yes it was very exciting to see how diverse and impressive the wildlife of Pakistan really is, but depressing to know that many of these species have already perished. The website is a great treasure of information nonetheless.

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